The Authority is authorized to finance the following Public Projects:

  • Hospital, medical, health, nursery care, nursing care, clinical, ambulance, laboratory, and related services and facilities.
  • Housing, mortgage finance and related services activities, facilities, and properties.
  • Penitentiary, rehabilitation, incarceration, and other correctional services and facilities.
  • Educational services and facilities and related housing and dormitory services and facilities.
  • Providing, developing, securing, and improving water storage, treatment, supply, and distribution services and facilities.
  • Sanitary and storm sewer and other liquid and solid waste collection, disposal treatment, and drainage services and facilities.
  • Educational or commercial communication equipment and facilities.
  • Mass transit, commuting and transportation, and parking services, equipment and facilities.
  • Cultural and civic facilities, services and activities.
  • Community development and redevelopment facilities and activities.
  • Gas, electric petroleum, coal and other energy collection, recovery, generation, storage, transportation, and distribution facilities and activities.
  • Industrial, manufacturing, and other economic development facilities and activities.
  • Antipollution and air, water, ground and subsurface pollution abatement and control facilities and activities.
  • Airport and water port and related facilities, services and activities.

If you are seeking Public Project Financing, please contact Vickie Theriot at 225-771-8567.